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Fakes, frauds, and phonies. Sounds like a book filled with criminals and delinquents, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Some of the biggest names in history can be found between these pages—and the light isn’t flattering. (We’re looking at you, George “I must not tell a lie” Washington.)

Brianna DuMont grew up in St. Louis, Missouri penning letters to authors about their plot twists and character choices, but never dreamed of writing herself. In college, she got her degree in Art History and Archaeology with the intention of spending her time digging in the dirt. Now that she's fallen back in love with writing, she continues her fascination with the past through her books. Her non-fiction series for ages 10+, The Changed History Series, begins with Famous Phonies: Legends, Fakes, and Frauds Who Changed History. It looks at the underbelly of history and puts a new spin on old faces, especially for reluctant readers. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Tim, and their two hyperactive cats.

Author of Fabulously Funny Middle Grade Books!

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Brianna DuMont